Absolutely. That piece I linked at the tail end goes much deeper into it (although it was a paper for school so it’s much more formal), but since it’s impractical to review everything, we shouldn’t arbitrarily give more value to certain calls at certain times of games. And like you said, it can really kill the mood.

And VAR in the WWC was a mess. They hadn’t tested it in the women’s game and it showed. I’m open to it if it can be made immediate, but at that point, just go to robots (haha). Some of the VAR calls like the one in Brazil-France weren’t even right, and I died a little every time they had to redo a penalty because the goalie was off her line.

Sportswriter. Medill graduate student. Host of the Slept On Sports podcast. Relentlessly curious. My book: amzn.to/398nYk6.

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