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An introduction to Connor Groel’s sports writing.

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Who is Connor Groel?

Major Projects

Adapt or Die: Technology is Forever Altering Sports

An Overindulgence of Madness

Can LeBron James Win With the Worst Teammates in NBA 2K20?

Out of the Dawg House: The Story of the 2018 Cleveland Browns

Sports Philosophy/Editorials

A Sense of Where We Are

Should the Format of the World Chess Championship Be Changed?

Don’t Treat Women’s Sports Like a Separate Category

A Radical Proposal to Modify the NBA Three-Pointer

The Burden of Information: Why Some Sports Are More Popular than Others

Is it Time to Get Rid of the Conference Tournament?

Research/Data Explorations

Beyond the Streak: The Iron Men of Sports

What is the Maximum Number of Home Runs a Player Can Hit in a Season?

Wins Above Bubble and the At-Large Case for Stephen F. Austin

The 1961–62 NBA MVP Race Featured Some of the Craziest Stat Lines in League History

He Went 17 Straight NBA Games Without Scoring a Point

Let’s Talk!

Sportswriter. Medill graduate student. Host of the Slept On Sports podcast. Relentlessly curious. My book: amzn.to/398nYk6.

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