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Sportswriter. Researcher @NFL. Host of the Slept On Sports podcast. Relentlessly curious. My book:

An introduction to Connor Groel’s sports writing.

Welcome! This page was designed to allow me to introduce myself, as well as to provide a home base for work that I am especially proud of and that I feel best conveys my interests and writing styles. …

Plus a summary of my journey to this point and future ambitions.

I’m often told the importance of having an elevator pitch.

To be able to, in roughly 30 seconds, crystallize my identity: who I am, what I’m interested in, and what my career goals are.

It’s difficult to know when you’re going to meet someone that can provide you with an…

Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

There’s something interesting that happens after you become a writer regarding your motivations.

I really believe that for just about everyone who starts writing, their reason for doing so lies within themselves. Writing is not easy, and often, it isn’t particularly fun. It requires a certain level of patience. One…

Click here to view the story in Google Docs, which may be preferable especially for mobile readers. I thought it would be important to color-code the characters (which Medium does not allow for), and it’s something I’ll probably do moving forward in stories that are mainly dialogue-based between several characters. Alright, let’s jump in.

The Asher Archives

November 16, 2051

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

This story is a follow-up to The Loophole Owner. For best understanding, it is highly recommended that you read that first.

KYLE: Welcome back, everyone — you’re listening to The MaraThon with me, Kyle Mara, here on 94.9 …

The following is a profile story written by the fictional sportswriter Asher Raines.

The Asher Archives

November 12, 2051

By Asher Raines

“The whole point of playing at home is to gain an advantage, right?”

Columbus Stampede forward Armani Howard shakes his head as he remembers the opening seconds of his team’s late-July road game against the Oakland Ospreys.

“My first thought was, ‘What’s going on? Is this an emergency?’ I was…

In January 2020, I published my first book, “Sports, Technology, and Madness,” a collection of pieces I wrote in 2019. The process of creating and publishing the book was much easier than I would have thought thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Create program, and I had a terrific editor (my mom).

Image from the Deseret News

Here is the latest episode of my podcast, Slept On Sports. I don’t usually share these episodes on Medium, but I thought I would this time around for the incredible story of Adrian Dantley.

You can listen to the episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or read a transcript below.

Image from AP Photo/Nick Wass

Critics of Russell Westbrook often accuse him of “stat-padding”, a selfish playstyle focused on stuffing the box score rather than team success. However, Westbrook’s style of play isn’t just for show. …

Image from AP Photo/John Bazemore

In each of the last two NBA seasons, the Milwaukee Bucks finished the regular season with the league’s best record, with their star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo winning both MVP awards. …

Connor Groel

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