Sportswriter. Researcher @NFL. Host of the Slept On Sports podcast. Relentlessly curious. My book:

An introduction to Connor Groel’s sports writing.

Welcome! This page was designed to allow me to introduce myself, as well as to provide a home base for work that I am especially proud of and that I feel best conveys my interests and writing styles. …

I really can’t describe how excited — and grateful — I was for the return of Survivor after we went more than a year without the show during the pandemic (effectively missing two entire seasons). I also cannot believe how quickly this season has progressed, with us already down to…

Plus a summary of my journey to this point and future ambitions.

I’m often told the importance of having an elevator pitch.

To be able to, in roughly 30 seconds, crystallize my identity: who I am, what I’m interested in, and what my career goals are.

It’s difficult to know when you’re going to meet someone that can provide you with an…

Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

There’s something interesting that happens after you become a writer regarding your motivations.

I really believe that for just about everyone who starts writing, their reason for doing so lies within themselves. Writing is not easy, and often, it isn’t particularly fun. It requires a certain level of patience. One…

Connor Groel

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